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As the only China-based commercial explosives manufacturer with a listing status overseas, Fabchem China Limited ("Fabchem") has been established in Shandong, China since 1979, and listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited in April 2006.

As one of China's leading manufacturers of initiation systems and the largest boosters and detonating cords producer within a highly regulated industry, Fabchem's products are widely used in the mining, energy exploration, hydroelectric and infrastructure construction sectors. Our products include explosive devices (boosters), industrial fuse and initiating explosive devices (detonating cords and non-electric tubes), and industrial detonators (non-electric detonators and piston non-electric detonators).

Fabchem's subsidiary, Shandong Yinguang Technology Co., Ltd, is the pioneer and market leader in the production of boosters in China. Our boosters are tested and certified by Universal Tech Corporation R&D Laboratory, an authorised inspection institute for initiating explosive devices based in United States of America.

Fabchem's initiation system products of international-standard quality are sold to more than 150 customers in the mining, energy exploration, hydroelectric and infrastructure construction industries across more than 10 countries, including China, Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Fabchem's products are sold under the brand name "Yinguang" in China, and also marketed internationally to other major resource-rich countries. As an established commercial explosives producer, the Group also undertakes original equipment manufacturing for renowned global commercial explosives companies.